Creating Content on Shifting Sands

Traditional Search Engine Optimization is dying. Content Marketing is the rising star in its place.


This is something I drive home with all of my clients. Not that SEO doesn’t work; it does. However, it works to a lesser extent today than it did a year ago. It will likely never go away completely. In the same way that broadcast television, radio, and home phone services remain a part of our everyday lives, just not at the forefront.

There is another side to this reality. Content marketing and SEO have a sort of synergy as well. Content Marketing doesn’t really work unless you use SEO. With one small difference. In a 2017 market, Facebook and Twitter have become powerful tools for search. More and more consumers are using social posts as a means for finding what they need. It is your mission as an entrepreneur to provide it. So, learning to execute effective SEO against your video, photo, and written content should be a part of your overall strategy. Just maybe not the first thing.

You’ve probably seen things telling you the exact opposite and there are legitimate arguments against what I’m saying. Still, if you plan on doing business in the future, you need to prepare yourself in order to respond to the ground shifting beneath your feet. As media consumption vehicles become smaller and more mobile, consumers have more options. That matters. Your content marketing strategy has to be aware of this. People will be consuming the majority of the content they see on the go. Are you creating eye-catching, sharable content? Are you posting at optimal times? Are you creating content specifically for your audience? These are things that matter more and more as the potential of social platforms grow.

pexels-photo-199497.pngSpaces like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer an opportunity to reach your end consumer directly. You shouldn’t violate that by asking for a sale at every turn. Instead you should look at your audience and ask yourself what you can bring to the table that adds value at no cost. This will create an engaging relationship. Take this very blog as an example. I offer marketing services to small businesses and entrepreneurs, but, you will rarely, if ever, see me asking for business here. I am writing this blog specifically to help equip you (my audience) with tools to market your business and grow it. Remember, you want to build a relationship with depth. Learning to function in this capacity will separate the good from the great, as social media becomes the standard and not the new guy on the block.

What story will you tell? Where will you tell it? How will you tell it? To whom will you tell it? Start asking these questions and you will be well on your way to content marketing success.


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