Facebook Ads Won’t be Cheap Forever

Facebook Ad’s have taken over the marketing and Advertising world. For good reason too. Where else can you reach thousands of people for only a few dollars? If you’re a small business, Facebook has provided you with an ad product that can help you grow your business in ways previously thought out of reach.

Big brands have realized that as well now, and are spending millions of dollars to take advantage of the digital marketing opportunities available. In fact, last year (2016) was the first year that digital ad spending surpassed Television spending. What does that mean for smaller businesses with smaller budgets?

Well, I think it means you should hurry up and buy!

(Only some of you will get that reference).

But seriously, hurry up and learn, practice, and execute facebook ads. One inevitable reality that I see happening in the next 5 years is the price correction of these ads. Yes I said correction. As it stands, facebook ads offer the opportunity to reach thousands of eyeballs for as low as $10. This is highly underpriced. I believe that within the next 5 years we are going to see a leap in pricing that will make today’s prices look like a giveaway.  But for now, these ads remain inexpensive and highly effective.

Whatever your reason for not using facebook ads to grow your business, you should really consider overcoming them and taking advantage of what may be the single biggest marketing opportunity our culture has seen at scale since the invention of email.



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