How to Maximize Instagram Post Reach

If you’re using Instagram to try and grow your online presence, there are a few simple ways to reach more people with every post. And they’re built right into Instagram. Here are my top 3 tips for organic reach on Instagram.

  1. Hashtag is life.  Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. So, use them. Find the core hashtags that your audience or ideal customer uses and attach them to every Instagram post.
  2. Post multiple times a day.  Thanks to the amount of people on most of our feeds, social networks have adopted algorithms that show content to people according to presumed relevance. Basically, everyone doesn’t see all of your posts all of the time. So, post multiple times a day to reach more eyes. Test different times and days to find out which ones work better for you.
  3.  Be social on social.  My favorite tip to give people is to be a social person on social media. Why? Because that’s the point. Spend time interacting with your followers or friends. It creates context for future points in time when you will be asking them for something. What have you done for them lately?

Thank you for reading. I hope this was helpful. Feel free to drop a comment, like, and please share. That’s how my stuff gets around.


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