3 Hacks for Facebook’s Declining Organic Reach

If you’ve managed a Facebook page for any number of years I’m sure you’ve seen the low organic reach your posts have gotten over the past few years.

In fact, you may have noticed a steady decline even as your overall number of fans increase.

But, why? Isn’t the idea for you to be able to reach people who like your page with things such as user-generated content? Well, kinda, but not exactly. Facebook has made it a point to work toward providing its users with access to content that is actually in line with what they want to see and not just fill their news feed with tons of content that may not be relevant to them.

BTW, if your page has more than 500k Likes, you are likely seeing numbers less than half the ones seen in the above graph.

Aside from providing the best user experience possible, Facebook also may be leveraging their massive audience for ad revenue. It appears that facebook is pressuring businesses not to rely on organic reach for exposure and growth, but to use actual ad spends to move the needle. Of course they have said this is not the main motivation behind their actions. At any rate, if you’ve built a following on facebook you need to be prepared to respond. So let’s discuss what you can do to push back against the changes to the famous facebook algorithm.

  1. Use Facebook Live. Facebook has emphasized video heavily over the past year. Live video has been at the forefront of that effort. Add to that the recent announcement of closed captioning capabilities on live video. If you aren’t using Facebook live you are missing an awesome opportunity to reach your audience and be able to interact with them.                                                                                                                 Recommended Reading:  How Effective is Live Streaming for Your Brand

  2. Quality Content is King. Publishing 17 posts a day will not help your reach. In most cases it will actually decrease your reach as Facebook’s algorithm will likely penalize you for behaving like a spam-bot.  Take the time to put together or curate content that actually brings value to your audience in an engaging way. Not only will your audience be grateful, but your organic reach will be helped.                                       Recommended Reading: Creating Content on Shifting Sands
  3. Create Content Worth Sharing. Take a look at your current content strategy and the content you’ve posted. Consider which types of posts have yielded the best results. Now, DO MORE. that simple really. Do more posts like the ones that received attention. When your audience shows you what they want, believe them. Don’t be stubborn about being right. Especially when you’re wrong. Ask your audience to share your content intermittently. Don’t burn them out with constant calls to action. Just ask them once in a while to share exceptional pieces of content. That simple.


Take these three tips and apply them for 3-5 months. I look forward to your feedback and success stories.


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