3 Things You Need to Do to Get Started

If there were a formula for how to build a brand or start a business in 2018, it would inevitably include a few key elements.  Specific steps that would provide measurable results. Those steps would be key ingredients for winning in the modern entrepreneurial effort. There are so many of those steps, and we learn them day by day. everything from confidence and drive all the way to logistics and accounting. some of those steps will have more value than others at given points in your journey. Out of all the things you need to win I have listed three. I haven’t made it YET, but i have gotten strong results from what I’m sharing with you. These three things aren’t the ultimate list of guaranteed victory, they are absolute necessities for anyone who is winning or will win.

First things first, document your journey. Most of us already understand the need to produce content. But we also aren’t all overflowing with creativity. That’s ok. Document your journey. The people who are going to know your brand really just want to know you. Sharing your journey from where you are now and allowing your audience to grow with you is a great way to build brand loyalty, collect data via comments, all while creating the content you didn’t know how to create. Document what’s happening as it happens. Let people see what building your brand or business is really like. You’ll be surprised at how well the responses are that you’ll receive.

Choose a vehicle for your story to travel in. Documenting comes in many forms. Some people communicate best on camera. Others tell their best stories in written form. Still others find it most comfortable and effective to simply stick to the time-tested audio method. Choose the one you are best at and run with it. Don’t make the mistake of believing that you need to do video. There are several successful written blogs in the same field as you are in. There is also a podcast of some sort and a vlogger, more than likely, as well. Do the one that you do well. Don’t fool yourself because you only watch YouTube that you must become a YouTuber to win. Decide on a medium and get started.

Now that you have those two items in place, what do you do with them? Hustle!!! You have content, now you need to get that content into as many hands as possible. If you aren’t already on multiple social media platforms you need to step your game up. If you don’t understand them, start learning. I’ll give you a great place you can learn about them. GOOGLE. Start building a following and getting your content to the people who care about what you have to say. Those people will be the base that you grow from, treat them well. Engage the social conversation around your industry and share your knowledge. Your brand isn’t going to be built on individual sales. It’s going to be built on brand perception. Remember that when you’re working toward your goal.

Be patient, the process matters as much as the destination. Please leave a comment, like, or share.



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