It’s extremely unpopular to discuss race in professional settings. It makes us uncomfortable. We avoid it so that we don’t upset anyone. We reply to racial comments (good or bad) with quick-witted one liners so that we can end the conversation before it has a chance to grow into anything substantial. But what if that’s been the problem this whole time. What if the reason we have such high racial tension is because we have made the place most of us spend the majority of our waking hours off-limits to open honest dialogue about topics that we spend hours thinking through in our heads.

So lets talk about it. Lets begin to have civil discourse about race with the intended end of learning from one another so that we can move toward a more balanced society.


If you are still reading, Let me open the dialogue on my end by introducing a topic that might seem out of place for this specific blog; African American/Black Economics in America.

It’s a topic we don’t have enough open dialogue about. When we do it’s weighed down by criticism of how black business owners do business. In order to resolve many of the problems facing our community we need to correct the economic issues. It goes beyond being poor. It requires a higher level of understanding how finance operates in the American brand of capitalism. We need to learn how important the preservation and development of credit is well before we graduate from college. We must learn how to avoid the predatory lending practices aimed at our community that are designed to put us in debt and keep us there. I could go on. At the end of the day, we need to wake up and realize that becoming rich as an individual only goes so far and that we need to become invested in the success of our neighbors if we want to solve the problem and not just complain.

Owning and supporting black owned businesses is the key tactic in raising the overall standard of living. When the neighborhood prospers, so does the individual. When property values rise, they rise together. When the school district improves, all students benefit. When the employers in an area are pressed to raise the wage, everyone gets a raise. Its beneficial for you to want your community to improve. When you ignore the community in favor of yourself, you end up hurting yourself as well. A group effort is needed to drive the success of the whole. It is my commitment to push toward this end. I look forward to having many of you join me in doing just that.



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