Branding 101

Part I By Sybil E. Satterfield Owner at Sybil Brand Affairs This article is the first in a series of articles about branding. The series is geared toward the start-up entrepreneur who want to get the edge on creating a brand identity and managing that brand to maximize the desired outcomes – brand loyal clients, … Continue reading Branding 101

3 Things You Need to Do to Get Started

If there were a formula for how to build a brand or start a business in 2018, it would inevitably include a few key elements.  Specific steps that would provide measurable results. Those steps would be key ingredients for winning in the modern entrepreneurial effort. There are so many of those steps, and we learn … Continue reading 3 Things You Need to Do to Get Started

How to Avoid Losing your content to Social Platforms

Instagram users all over the world are complaining that they're accounts have been deleted. If you're a business owner who markets over Instagram you're likely twice as upset. After reports of thousands of Instagram users losing access to their accounts started piling up, reports are now surfacing that Instagram has a bug and it is … Continue reading How to Avoid Losing your content to Social Platforms

4 Steps to Overcoming Burnout

We all get there eventually. The passion lulls, the motivation stumbles, the mind freezes, the inspiration dries up.  You find yourself floundering to keep up with your work load. It can be difficult to figure out how to overcome these seemingly eternal events. There are tons of ideas out there. I'm sure that different things … Continue reading 4 Steps to Overcoming Burnout

How to Maximize Instagram Post Reach

If you're using Instagram to try and grow your online presence, there are a few simple ways to reach more people with every post. And they're built right into Instagram. Here are my top 3 tips for organic reach on Instagram. Hashtag is life.  Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. … Continue reading How to Maximize Instagram Post Reach

3 Keys to Finding Your Talent

I believe that everyone has a talent. No matter who you are, I believe very strongly that you have a talent. But many times, people struggle to identify that talent. Usually because they don't know how to identify it. Consider this, basketball is a talent only because society says so. What did we call it … Continue reading 3 Keys to Finding Your Talent