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Why Net Neutrality Matters for Your Small Business

If you were paying attention at all over the last week or two then you’ve likely heard the news about the FCC’s decision on Net Neutrality. You may or may not understand what that means though. The Federal Communications Commission

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Facebook Advertising: Targeting Works

Whatever product or service you are offering, make sure you are displaying it to the proper audience. The more specific the target, the greater your chances of landing an actual customer.

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Why You’re Losing the Social Media Game

Everyone is on some social media platform. If you own a business and want to reach a wide audience, their is no better way to do it than through social media. However, having an account and posting sporadically is not going

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Create Content (Period)

Find your voice. Create content. That is all for those of you short on time due to the holiday. What do I mean by, find your voice?

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